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Introducing the Happy Smiley Playlist!

This playlist has been created by our community, for our community, and is full of songs to lift your mood. Play it whenever you need a little boost, just click your preferred streaming service!


Let us introduce ourselves...


Hey, welcome to Happy Smiley This is a blog where we will post about positive things, mental health things, happy things, sad things...LIFE THINGS!

Our founder, Max (he /him), grew up with minimal mental health support online but the amount of queer public figures on social media that inspired him were plentiful. He is now using his platform to help this by using it to provide the mental health support that he found to be missing during his adolescence.

We've created a place for you guys to feel happy and supported, so here you go! Sign up to become a member of the community, and drop us an email if you'd like to feature! 

We've also launched a subscription service called Happy Smiley Plus! This will be a place where you will have access to exclusive content such as meditations and exclude podcast readings!

Here's what you can expect from Happy Smiley: