"Our only mission is to help you be a little bit kinder to yourself, one story at a time".

-Max Hovey


Happy Smiley is a place where we want you to feel safe, seen and heard. Founded by Max at the start of 2020, his aim was to create some light in the darkness that is social media. We're here to share stories that others are not yet ready to talk about, share advice that isn't readily available and encourage discussions that we should already be having.



"If there is one thing I can promise you, it's that not a single one of the best decisions I ever made were comfortable or easy. Every single problem I have had was solved by doing the thing I did not want to do. Jim Carey wrote the best quote on this: 'Your need to fit in can make you invisible in this world; Risk being seen in all of your glory.'"
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"Women have years of deep-seated shame cemented in them on a cellular level due to venomous ideas about sex. Sex is one of the most joyous privileges we get in this short life. Human touch, love, naked bodies, pleasure and orgasms are a blessing from God herself. I cannot comprehend condemning something so remarkable because some crusty ancient mortals wanted to control gender and sexuality."