Gay and Christian. Impossible? Maybe not.

We all know how the Church and predominantly Catholic, sees us – LGBTQ+ people. Most of them would say that our lifestyle is unacceptable and there is just one place where we’re going to end up. But is it really the case?

I am a 19-year-old Christian gay living in Slovakia, who for almost 3 years have been suffering from depression and anxiety. Majority of people here still think, that homosexuality is a mental illness and a great sin against God himself. Maybe you yourself have been struggling with this. Maybe you are looking for the answers. So here I am, decided to share with all of you my experiences with this.

For the past 3 years, I struggled with this myself. After my coming out, which happened at 16 years of age, I thought that to sort of ‘combine’ the two worlds, that were battling inside my mind was simply not possible. Because I believed, that the way I was born is not the man I am supposed to be.

“It is unacceptable for us to see a man married to another man, a woman married to another woman, etc. It is not right to let these people have families, because their families are not real families”. Really? Are these the arguments that a Christian based human would’ve preached? Well, if this is the what they think being Christian is about, then it is not the same way I understand it. Christianity and life itself are supposed to be about love. LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE. Does it sound cliché to you? Maybe, but if you think about it, it is not really far from the truth.

What I know and what I took from being a Christian Catholic (and gay) is, that Jesus loved unconditionally. His absolute love was his message to everybody on this Earth. No matter the race, gender or social background, He loved everyone equally. Even his enemies. Remember, that He prayed for the soldiers who were laughing Him in His face. And that for me is proof of real love. Love that goes beyond every border, which we have built ourselves.

Yes, you might think that everything what is written here is a complete nonsense. But think about it for a while (if you want to, I am not pressuring anyone into anything, but I guess you wanted to think about this as you have already started reading this article and made it all the way till here). God does not make mistakes. God would not create a human being that would naturally go against him. Therefore, everything He had made was done for a reason. He wanted us people to spread love and kindness among all of us. And as far as I am concerned, God, who creates a human upon His image, would not create one whose naturalness goes against Him.

I won’t lie. I did not always believe that the path that I’m walking on was the right one. You may think that I have clearly made up my mind on certain things, but sometimes I catch myself wondering if my whole life philosophy (if you wanna call it that) is right. And I know that not everyone is lucky to have people around to reassure you that YOU ARE walking on the right path..But I want you to rememevr that you are never alone. Sounds like another cliché? So what!

Every single person on this world should have one motto on their mind constantly – live love and let love. Love your enemies like you would love your friends. Let other people love who they want to love. Love is not logical. Love goes against all “laws” that human race had made in the past.

We should live our lives as best as we can. No matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or if you are not religious at all. We have to build bridges between people and not destroy them. We got to bring people together even more in these tough times that we are currently going through. Try to spread love amongst all every day, even if it sometimes looks like you can’t do it for whatever reason. Little acts of kindness are what matters.

And if somebody is telling you that you are not allowed to love someone, try to explain and tell them what have you just read here. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t. But it is definitely worth trying.

Stay positive, love others like you would love yourself and keep smiling even on a rainy day. Because better days are coming!



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