It’s Okay to Press Pause.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I mean, hey. It’s been a MINUTE. Hence the title, I pressed pause on my blog for quite a long time. You want to know why? I was EXHAUSTED. I had so much to do, and so little time to do it in (even though we were all housebound with literally nothing else to do). I just had no energy or motivation and for some reason I felt guilty. I felt like I was failing someone for taking a break, I felt like I was failing you guys, failing myself or failing my progress. I was beating myself up for just wanting to press pause on something that was draining me. Why? Why should I feel guilty? Why should ANY of us feel guilty for needing some time to recharge, regroup and reinvigorate out creative spirit?

I have had a long break from this, and for some of the time even lost part of my passion for writing, which is when I realised I was ready to come back as I did not want to lose something I had grown to love so dearly. So, yes my beautiful people, it is completely ok to press pause. If something is draining you, if something is bringing you more stress and anxiety than joy and passion, press pause. If something is taking up more of your time with unrewarded hard work than benefits, it is ok to press pause. If something is asking for more from you than you are receiving in return, guess what b*tch, IT’S OK TO PRESS PAUSE.

This goes for all walks of life; friends, lovers, family, careers, education, passions, and so many more. The importance with pressing pause is not forgetting to un-pause. Taking some time to recoup is completely ok. It can help us refocus out passions and what truly matters to us. It can help us prioritise. But the last thing we want to do is forget that we have things on pause. To an extent, I forgot about my blog. I forgot it was on pause, I had lost interest in it because I left it on pause for too long. Hence me writing a blog post on this exact topic (that’s usually where I find inspiration, my true-life experiences).

ANYWAY, like I said I haven’t written for a while, so this point it is just senseless rambling, so here’s a cute little image I made! (if you haven’t already, please follow my new happiness community @ourhappyplaceuk on Instagram).

Right, now let's talk about you. I want you to answer the following questions, and answer them honestly:

Is there anything in your life that is draining you?

Is there anything in your life that you are struggling to get enjoyment from that you usually would

Is there anyone in your life that you feel you could do with a break from?

Mental health always has been and always will be a priority. No matter what it is that’s draining you, you are entitled to a break. As I mentioned earlier; friends, lovers, family, careers, education, passions, and so many more, all of which you are entitled to take a break from. Now to quote friends, WE WERE ON A BREAK, no, I do not believe in taking an actual break from a relationship, as that avoids the problem entirely. But we all need space from things from time to time, we all need time to process things, to regenerate our energy, and that’s why our lives need to be compartmentalised. So, if you need to press pause on your relationship (metaphorically) and have some you time, that is ok. If you have to press pause on your job, and have some you time, that is ok. The brain is a muscle that needs time to recover, why do you think body builders have to have rest days?! Otherwise their muscles would just crumble. The same goes for most things in your life, if you go hell for leather on something constantly then you’ll either get bored, get tired or resent it. So, press pause!

So, here’s for the final advice section that you all know and love:

1 - Take some time for you - Taking some time out to switch off from things in your life is ok. It doesn’t mean that you care about them any less, it simply means you need some time to mentally and physically recover.

2 - Restore your creative juices - If you’re wanting to take a break from something creative, maybe take some time to appreciate someone else’s creativity. Sometimes we can spend so much time focussing on our own passions and creations that we forget to appreciate other people’s.

3 - Do what makes you happy - Whatever this may be, take a break from what is draining you and replace it (temporarily) with something that brings you joy. A little extra serotonin never hurt anyone.

4 - Spend this time evaluating - If this thing, whatever it is, that you’ve put on pause has made you much happier by being on pause, then that should tell you something. Do you have an end goal in mind? Is this feeling temporary? Or is it a means to an end.

Anyway, welcome back to Our Happy Place, your daily dose of happiness. I hope this has been somewhat insightful. I’ll see you next week!


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