Keeping Busy in Quarantine

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Right let’s be real, this fucking sucks. This whole situation has affected literally everyone in their own ways. People have had to cancel plans, people are missing loved ones, people are losing their jobs, some of us are missing out on education, careers are being put on hold, and in worst cases, we are losing our loved ones completely. There is no sugar coating the reality of this situation.

The hardest thing is probably the uncertainty. For my fellow anxious minds out there, the idea of not knowing the impact this is going to have, how long it’s going to last, how serious the infections can be etc; this is hell. Our minds are in constant overdrive. I’ve already done a Group Advice video on “How to

Cope with Anxiety and Depression During Quarantine” (, which details more general ideas of how to reduce anxiety. Once anxiety has been calmed, there are then other things we can do to then keep ourselves busy, there are still things within our control.

A vast majority of us are now in enforced lockdown or have made the sensible decision to self-isolate for the safety of others. Both of these situations are difficult as we are now having to live our lives in a way that most people cannot recall happening in their lifetime. So, if we’re now being forced to shut ourselves away from the world, here’s an opportunity to get creative! Think of things that you’ve always wanted to do, or always said you don’t have time for and do them!

So, let’s go through some ideas:

1 - Exercise - Now, I’m not talking about the “I’m going to get my ‘summer body’” crap. I’m talking about meaningful, long-lasting exercise that you can adopt into your routine and hopefully keep up once this is all over. I was committed to yoga for a long time, but it kind of just fell out of my routine. Now I’ve got the time back, I have brought it back into my routine and it’s reminded me how much it was really helping my mental health. From here on I am fully committed to bettering my yoga skills and becoming stronger with it. Here’s the link to the app that I use:

2 - Learn to Cook - There are so many things I want to learn to cook. I’ll be honest, I’m not great. Like not great at all. I can do the basics, or packages stuff (recyclable of course) that has instructions. But, cook from scratch? Hellz nah. I’m terrible. So, I’d like to take this time to look through a recipe book and actually learn to cook some REAL good food. It’s a very valuable skill to have.

3 - Set Yourself a Project - The projects I have set myself are mainly my Instagram. I am dedicating so much more time to it to deliver a wider variety of content for you guys to watch. Most importantly, Group Advice is back! This is a project that I am super passionate about but had lost the time to do it. Now I am housebound (plus lost my job), I have been able to give this series the time that it truly deserves. So if there is anything that you would love to do, be it meaningful, helpful, personal, community based; just do it. Plan some cool stuff and set your mind to it!

4 - Get Creative - Now I know I’ve already said about a project, but not everything you do has to be a project. I used to be really into photography (see the photography section of this website) and I would create some really beautiful work, some just using nature and some using some really difficult postproduction. This is something that I may consider taking back up, but I have decided to dedicate my time and creativity to my Instagram and career instead. But you could use this time to come up with some really cool creative ideas. Learn an instrument, learn to draw, practice writing, design something, make something practical, get into photography. A website that is really good for learning new skills is Udemy. They have loads of courses for pretty much anything. I actually signed up to a drawing course once and was learning how to draw an eye realistically and it was so therapeutic! Here’s the link to the website:

5 - Nothing at all - I’ve spoken to a lot of people about quarantine, and not one person has said they’re okay 100% of the time. Everyone I know has struggled at some point or another. What I’ve said to them all (after having several shit days myself) is that it’s completely okay. I started this article by saying “Right, let’s be real, this fucking sucks” and I meant it. We’re allowed to feel shit about this, it would be strange if you didn’t at one point or another. Let yourself have the odd down day, let yourself stay in bed and watch TV, that’s more than ok. Just balance your good and bad days out evenly, and you’ll be fine.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us, with no clear end at the moment. So all we can do is stay in the present moment, and gradually over time things will get better.


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