Positivity: is it a feeling or an action?

Let's see: every morning, as soon as you wake up, as soon as you open your eyes, before you even think of your first thought in the morning... you reach for your phone. You check stories from the previous night from people you don't even know or from people you were going to kindergarten together, you check for random posts, who posted the best beach picture, who posed better, who wore what better, then you check IGTV, what's new, who is getting married (or divorced) reels on Instagram, morning or night routines, how to make your hair in the morning, how to be a BOSS BABE, then you open TikTok, you search for new dances, new millionaire from TikTok, who collaborated with who. The list goes on and on and I could be talking (uhm, writing) for a hot minute.

What you see is how in love a couple is, how much fun someone is having during vacation, you see reels on that picture-perfect breakfast and how to make it, girls with the perfect hair, body and moves really killing it on TikTok. And suddenly, all of these bombs are hitting you subconsciously from the moment that you open your eyes. Do you ever take a step back and think about the behind the scenes of these? The #couplegoals that fight all day long and don't really get along anyway, but they gain money from this, so they continue to struggle with this toxic relationship just for money. The guy on vacation who's trying to show how much fun he is having while he's so caught up on showing it that he forgets to actually enjoy his vacation, that picture perfect breakfast that 1) no one really eats it after 2) no one has the "strength" or will power to make such thing in the morning and all the work and effort that random girl on TikTok puts on her appearance, moves and video editing to make it perfect.

Are all of these posts really this perfect as they make it seem? Are their lives so incredibly enjoyable that you, me, your sister, my best friend should be jealous of? What is it that they achieved and they're so happy? Relationships? Morning routine? Money? Fitness? Or are they suffering on the inside and they don't even show a glimpse of their real life?

Moral of the story: you think you see something positive while in reality 1) it's fake 2) it has the opposite effect on you. Because you're still in pj's in bed, looking unpresentable by social media’s high standards, have to get ready for your 9-5 and don't even have the time to make breakfast.

What you can do to feel positive (for real though)

1) Prepare your clothes and breakfast from the previous night (this is called mother-loving yourself)

2) Have a journal on your nightstand and before going to sleep, write down your tomorrow's To-Do-List

3) Don't reach for your phone as soon as you wake up! Stretch (and I don't mean those everywhere seen Pilates moves), I mean actually stretch your arms and legs while still lying in bed

4)open your curtains, drink a cup of water, wash your beautiful face, eat your breakfast and THEN gossip about the world

Do little things during the day for YOU. Find 5 minutes, only 5 minutes to write down your feelings (doesn't have to be a paragraph or 4 pages, just write down some words, the feelings you're experiencing in the moment, or how a certain situation makes you feel), stretch (Pilates or not), sing (throw a show for your neighbours) , dance (shake that booty), have a hot shower (or even bath!). These little things done every day, put so much positivity in you without you even acknowledging it!

Did you get that instead of "positive life" I said "feel positive"? Yeah, I'll get to my point. You see, no one really has a positive life. Positivity is like sun, it's in within you and no one can dim it, steal it or copy it. That's what makes you, you! Positivity is a feeling that you feel when you take action. If you wake up and you say to yourself "this is a great day, I'm going to have a great day, I woke up in a great mood" etc then you will watch your day actually being great! Even if you had a nightmare of your ex-boyfriend, or you fell off the bed, or you couldn't sleep because you were stressed or because of that stupid neighbour that was being too noisy again, I promise you that you will have a great day.

You need only two simple things to achieve this perfect life: 1) positive thoughts in the morning to make you feel great about how great your day is going to be and 2) take action about it; aka stretch your pretty legs and arms in bed, drink a fresh cup of water and don't just please don't reach for your phone as soon as you wake up unless if it's to check the clock! Believe it and you'll feel it!

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