Quarantine : How to NOT live the same day everyday

Who would thought that this time last year would be the last time we would live as normal human beings. Going on trips, visiting friends & family, get wasted at nightclubs, whatever your passion is, however you felt happy. But let's get serious for a second : the change came and you have to accept it. Why you ask? You will have the answer when you will finish reading this article.

The past year the world as we know it, changed. For good. And there are two types of people :

1) the not affected ones and 2) well, obviously the affected ones.

If you're in the first category, means that you either are super introvert so you don't mind staying home with some Netflix and take out dinner OR you live super close with your family and/or friends that nothing has really changed between your relationship with your closed ones and/or you continue your job as you used to before this madness.

If you find yourself in the second category, WELCOME ABOARD! this article is for you!

I would never thought I wouldn't see my loved ones for over a year. Never in a lifetime. Literally, if someone asked me years ago if I was expecting to be one whole year away from my hometown, my family, my friends, stuck in a foreign county and have to stay home, I would laugh so loud that everyone around would stare at me like I'm some sort of crazy person. Or it could be a very disturbing nightmare that would make my bank account cry the next morning as I would be booking unexpected airplane tickets to go see my loved ones. But this is real. This is our life now and life is a game, you win or you lose. There's no button you can press to skip time as much as I'd love to create one. The only thing I can create to help you during these crazy times is this article. Keep reading.

For the past year, I bet you went to sleep around 5am and woke up around 2pm. Well, hello friend. The past year, I bet you did A LOT of online shopping, relatable again. The last year, you shed some tears during or after a videocall with a loved one, so accurate. The past year you lost your interest in something you once enjoyed, we're twining.

I can continue the list, but don't you think it's time for you to kick the depression or quarantine blues out the window?! I hope you nodded.

I woke up one morning REALLY frustrated. Frustrated at the world, the strict measures, the country I'm

? I was still laying on my bed so I reached for my phone. I got instantly depressed. The new covid cases were rising worldwide and the measures were getting worse everyday. Everyone I knew was more or less whining on their daily stories about having to stay at home. Well, a single thought occurred on my mind at that exact moment: at least, we all have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep at night (or day), a kitchen to cook and a TV or a laptop to watch Netflix or whatever you desire. And that's the day that changed my life!

Yes, quarantine changed my whole mindset. I started creating to-do-lists, I started reorganising my whole appartement, found some clothes to donate (three suitcases to be exact), changed my wardrobe with things I already had. Then, I started playing with my hair, what different style I could do, I downloaded a bunch of apps that could make my hair look different. Then I found more apps which were all about mindfulness and inner beauty. That's the most important part of someone. Not their long hair, great style, sexy perfume but their soul, warm heart, kindness. So the next few months, I fully committed to mindfulness, I created a program which suited me, just like we used to have when we were kids. I still do that and I don't know if I could survive the lockdown life without this.

The key to survive during quarantine and beat feeling locked in your home is simple: create to do list for every single day! Prepare your clothes from the previous night, then write 3 things you liked about your day and 3 things that could have been better, then make your to do list for the next day, set an alarm, create your own program. When you wake up in the morning, focus on the 3 things that could have been better the day before and make them better! It's a new day, how crazy! Start a new hobby, go for walks around your neighbourhood, create an Instagram account with pictures of your neighbourhood or the new recipes you find during quarantine. Practice mindfulness such like meditation, yoga, motivational podcasts or Ted talks. The human mind is a big world, it's time to explore it. That's why you have to accept that the world has changed, you can change during these crazy times to be the best version of yourself, to educate yourself or start that online business you never had the time to.

If you want to just stay on your couch instead, that is also completely fine. Having no motivation is incredibly normal right now. But, baby steps! Even if you try to do one thing different per week, or plan what you’re going to watch on Netflix the next day, it’ll feel a bit more routine than an endless cycle. You’ve got this, you only live once.



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