You Don't Need Acceptance to Make It

Hi! My name is Alberto, a 19 years old gay man. I've come a long way, even though I am young, and I wanted to share my story with you.

When I was 13 years old in 2013, I came to terms with the fact that I am gay, I felt very excited about it for some reason, then I decided to come out to my mom, it was nothing like my expectations, the first thing she told me was "you know that's a sin right?" which I automatically just replied "yes", she just ended the conversation there. That's when it started, my mom started yelling at me every day, she insulted me, told me how useless I was, how I was never going to accomplish anything.

I started to become depressed, began to fail high-school, lost 2 years of high-school, I even started getting sick, but my mom used to hide this document that you need as a minor in order to get health care, my mom even locked me up inside the house plenty of times just so I couldn't go outside.

I didn't have anyone who would help me out, with my dad out of the picture, and my older brother and sister did nothing about it. Without even having an idea of who I was, it seemed like there wasn't anything I could have done. I remember when I actually hit rock bottom, that's when you realize that sometimes you’ve got to be your own hero, even if life tells you no. Even if people tell you that you are not capable of doing anything, of making yourself happy, sometimes we’ve got to fight for ourselves.

I realized that even though I wanted to be saved so badly and I didn't have anyone, I still had hope, being transferred to a completely different place and starting from scratch. That was a very scary thought for me, just wondering if it would be a lot of the same, just people making fun of me, not to mention all the things my mother did to me.

With just a little bit of hope that was left in me, I tried to keep an open mind and I met a lot of new people. Even though in the past I was more of an introvert, in this other high-school for some reason I was an extrovert, it was way easier for me to make friends, even my personality started to change, I started to have more of a jumpy and happy personality. Finally I was with people who accepted me for who I was.

I finally found what my passion is at 17years old, but I didn’t have the money to pursue my passion at that time. A short while later, I went through a process allowed me redo those 2 years of high-school that I’d lost. I did 2 years in 1, plus the final high-school diploma exams, which I passed thankfully. This was tough, but I managed to accomplish that.

Finally I turned 18, I became an adult by law in my country, I decided to study clothing related things. I first started with studying sewing machines, I am now a technician in sewing machines domestics and industrial. I just wanted to leave my home, those who were supposed to be my family only hurt me, I managed to find this really cheap place where I live now.

And finally being 19 years old, I have just got a new job, which will pay me more than enough for me to make a living, I made such good new friends in this place, which I am starting to consider as my family, they have supported me more than anyone has in the past, I am pursuing my dreams aspiring to be a fashion designer, and I am so happy to see how far I've come. At the end of the day I am proud of myself. I don't need anyone else to tell me they are proud because all that really matters is that I am proud. You don’t need the acceptance of others to make it.

This is my life, and I've made it without acceptance - Alberto

IG: @betotheberto


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