Meet The Team

Happy Smiley is a community and we want to show you the faces behind what we do here. Whilst we have strong ambitions for the future of our little family, we are still more of a passion project at this point. So, all of us that work here are volunteers! Our only mission is to help bring a little bit of much needed light into the lives of those around so far, it's going okay!


Miri Fox

Wellbeing Coach

"For me, being a part of the Happy Smiley Team was about tackling an age of hatred, both towards ourselves and to others. Social media has proven to be a weapon but I want to see it used as an instrument for good, something I think Happy Smiley has enormous potential to achieve."


Sophia Winston

Social Media Assistant

"Being part of the Happy Smiley Team means creating a positive environment with a strong sense of community where everyone is welcome. To help break down barriers and stigma on an array of topics, and to create open communication which brings people from all backgrounds together".

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David Murphy

Community Manager

"Happy Smiley is a community to me, and I feel that community and community response is getting more and more important. Being part of Team Happy Smiley allows me to dedicate time to not only reaching out to others within my community, but also to growing a platform that has amazing potential for good."


Jordan Frith

Charity & Fundraising Manager

"To me, Happy Smiley is about education, empowerment and engagement. Creating open and honest conversations where diverse communities can share their experiences and connect with one another. Being part of this fantastic team allows me to work closely with charities that directly support underrepresented groups in society."


Max Hovey


"Happy Smiley is my passion project. Whilst I dedicate my time to trying to help others, I cannot speak for every experience. Happy Smiley helps to bridge the gaps as it's a space where people can share their own stories to help others. I started it to make a difference, and to bring a sense of community and comfort to anyone that wants to join."